Suddora Football Hand Warmer with Pocket and Adjustable Waist Strap, Black




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The perfect asset to have if you are a football player, coach, or need to keep your hands protected from the elements. Many football players are used to playing the game throughout cold and rainy seasons no matter where they live. Luckily, you no longer weather conditions because this hand warmer serves to protect your hands from cold temperatures, wind, and rain. With zipper compartments for heating packs, your hands getting cold during a game or practice session. Available in multiple colors, you can choose black, white or pink to accessorize with your uniform.

  • Features Angled Entry Cuffs – This allows the wearer the opportunity to insert their hands in a more natural fashion according to the way our bodies are shaped and the way your hands rest when they are around your waist.

  • Crafted from Lightweight Polyester Blend – The Suddora hand warmer is crafted from a polyester / nylon blend for a lightweight and comfortable experience that will never hold you back during the big game or even during practice.

  • Features Zipped Pocket – The zipped pockets that exist on the front of this hand warmer are great for inserting heating packs or even for holding your mouthguard or other small items.

  • Has a Breakaway Strap and Belt – The belt that is attached to the Suddora hand warmer is extremely convenient to use. The strap is crafted from a neoprene fabric that is lightweight, yet durable, so you never have to worry about the security of this hand warmer. With a buckle in the back attached to the straps, you can rest assured during practice and games that your hand warmer is not going anywhere. One size with adjustable strap

  • Fully Weather-proof – We all know that football season can continue through rain, sleet, and snow. Often times, these conditions are experienced at one point or another, so it is important to be able to rely on a hand warmer that is going to do its job without interruption from the weather conditions.


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