Range Kleen 4-Piece Fat Trapper and Disposable Bags




Product details

The Fat Trapper is a plastic, airtight container that holds a replacement bag. Simply pour cooled cooking grease into the disposable bag, fold and seal , and replace the lid. It eliminates spills and odors, while protecting your residents’ plumbing system. When the disposable bag is full, simply remove, seal, and discard. As you know, grease blockages in sewer pipes are a direct result of grease that is poured down the drain. The Fat Trapper is the answer to proper disposal of unwanted cooking grease and is already in use by various Waste Water Departments around the nation to help them “Trap the Grease.”

  • Trap the Grease: Fat TrapperĀ® System includes one container and two bags

  • Includes 2 Foil Refill Bags

  • Disposable Bag holds up to 22 fl. ounces

  • Disposable Bags temperature safe to 200*F

  • Disposable Bags are constructed from polyethylene, aluminum, white kraft paper and polypropylene






Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H)

89.00 x 4.00 x 5.00 Inches



Do dispose of FOG (fat, oil & grease) in Fat Trapper System to prevent costly plumbing bills and contamination in our environment due to sewer back-up. When Bag is Full: Step 1: Remove the Fat Trapper bag from canister. Step 2: Fold the top and fasten with tie that is attached. Step 3: Dispose of grease in trash can without mess.


Warning Text

Do not pour FOG in drain. Don’t pour FOG (fat, oil & grease) down the drain. This could cause costly repair bills and harm the environment!


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