Aqua Culture Aquarium Gravel, White, 5 lb.




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Aqua Culture Aquarium Gravel, White, 5 lb

Gravel is an important part of every aquarium, and Aqua Culture Aquarium Gravel in White will keep your aquarium healthy when you add it to the bottom. It not only beautifies your underwater world but provides a surface for the growth of beneficial bacteria which help to convert fish waste. Combining gravel with plants and decorations, which provide cover and hiding places, will create a healthy and natural environment for your aquatic creatures. The neutral color of this fish aquarium gravel will make the other colors in your aquarium tank, including your colorful fish or other marine animals, stand out more and be easier to see. We recommend a depth of approximately 2 inches of gravel, especially when used with an undergravel filter. For most aquariums, this amounts to 1.5 to 2 pounds per gallon of capacity. Keep your aquarium beautiful and healthy with Aqua Culture Aquarium Gravel in White.

Aqua Culture Aquarium Gravel, White, 5 lb

  • White colored aquarium gravel

  • Beautifies your underwater world and provides a surface for beneficial bacterial growth

  • Combine with plants and decor for a healthy and natural environment

  • Also use in hobbies and crafts, ponds, and terrariums





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Rinse gravel thoroughly in cool or lukewarm water before use to remove excess dust particles. Rinse until water is clear. It is recommended that you set up your aquarium and allow the filter and heater to operate for at least 24 hours before adding your fish. Be sure to use a water conditioner to ermove any chlorine and other chemicals present in your water since these chemicals can be fatal to your fish. For those new to the aquarium hobby, purchasing a good book on fish keeping is always a wise investment.


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