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November 22, 2020 By Jamil 0

Trends for sunglasses come and go, or do they? Fashion has a somewhat cyclical nature to it, and what was once in style goes out of style. However, it does seem eventual to always come back around again with a new term attached to the trend. That word is retro or vintage to some people. What’s old is new again and today we’re going to be taking you through some retro trends, as well as some context about when these sunglasses were in style and how you can style them out in the modern-day.

Cat eye frames

The history of cat-eye sunglasses frames can be traced back to the 1930s. Created by Altina Schinasi, an American socialite and designer after a trip to the optician, where she noticed the lack of style for the frames she saw. After seeing this lack of fashion, she put her mind into creating a frame that conveyed whimsey, mystery and romance. From the 30s up to the start of the 60s, smaller framed cat eye sunglasses became the go to trend.

Next up, let us look at how you can style these smaller cat-eye frames. These smaller frames allow you to be more flexible with your wardrobe. You can go full retro or modern chic and these smaller frames will work well.

When it comes to some examples of the smaller retro cat-eye sunglasses, we have several options that you can choose from. For instance, these Saint Laurent SL 310s for men offer a sleek and simple design that doesn’t draw too much attention, opting for a more elegant look.

We also have these Gucci Blue & Beyond’s for the women to show off that smaller and more discreet cat-eye sunglasses frame that can be paired with a slightly bolder choice of frame colour with the gold colouring.

Aviator frames

Next up, we’re going to look at one of the more notable retro sunglasses frames. The Aviator frames are one of the most iconic looks that sunglasses have ever had. From the classic look of pilots to the cementing of the sunglasses in pop culture with the classic film Top Gun, sat on the faces of Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer, these sunglasses can be seen as a staple of retro frames. Firstly, let’s take a look at a brief history of these famous frames.

With a highly disputed debate about who first made the sunglasses themselves, it’s a struggle to name who specifically invented the aviator frames. However, the reason they were invented is slightly clearer. With the rise of aviation in the 1930s, a question of clarity in the skies was coming to the fore. Therefore, a new design was suggested that would provide a high degree of glare protection and limited peripheral exposure to the sun. Therefore, the aviator frame became a key staple of fighter pilots and once their jobs were done, the trend filtered down into the civilian population, allowing for the rise of the frame within popular culture.

There are several ways you can style these frames. You can opt for casual wear or a business suit, especially if they’re the traditional darker colours for suit wear. One final point is to keep it low key with your accessories. Perhaps a simple watch or an understated piece of jewellery works as not to compete with the sunglasses themselves.

We offer a huge range of options when it comes to aviators. These Ray-Ban Olympian Aviators can be worn by either sex for a bold look with a striking golden bar across the top of the frame.

These Unofficial frames provide the classic aviator look with a dramatic bold design.

Oversized frames

In our final section, we shall be looking at the classic style of oversized frames. The oversized frame can work with any style of sunglasses, from aviators to cat-eye frames and onto your more traditional styles of square and rounded sunglasses too. Therefore, this style can be seen as more of a version of many kinds of frames, and therefore have lots of different style choices you can make. Firstly, let’s examine the history of oversized frames.

There is one key moment that can be seen to have catapulted oversized sunglasses into pop culture. The Audrey Hepburn performance in Breakfast at Tiffany’s with her renowned oversized cat-eye style frames became an iconic image. This style of frames continued into the 70s as well, with celebrities like Elton John sporting oversized aviators whilst on stage, solidifying the oversized sunglasses as a key part of pop culture throughout the 60s and 70s.

Now, let’s see how you can style oversized glasses. The first thing to note is to watch what specific frame style you’re going with before starting to style the sunglasses. The same style for a pair of oversized cat-eye frames may not work so well with a pair of oversized aviator frames.

However, there are some key factors you can keep in mind when styling out oversized frames in a broader sense. Make sure your sunglasses don’t cover your eyebrows or else you experience the phenomenon of losing your face behind your pair. Make sure to check our face shape style finder to decide the style of oversized sunglasses that suit your face as well.

Oversized sunglasses of all sorts tend to draw attention towards your face for the obvious reason that the sunglasses themselves become the statement piece, so keep that in mind too. If you’re going with oversized, keep the accessories to a minimum as the sunglasses are the key to the piece, as well as keeping the style of your clothes from being oversized to not give off a messy style.

Finally, let’s take a look at some examples that we offer here at Vision Express. Firstly, we have the classic Ray-Ban Justin RB 4165’s. The solid rectangular shape gives a bold look to any style with a timeless look.

Finally, we have another iconic look from Saint Laurent with their cat-eye style Lily SL 213’s. These Hepburn-esque sunglasses show that you can go with a look that never goes out of style and evoke that pop culture moment with a pair of oversized frames.