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Most of the items on this list are timepieces, but we will be starting our gift-giving guide with something larger. The Weekender Duffel Bag takes timeless aesthetics and high-quality materials in to help you travel in style. The 20oz canvas material is built to last, and British Tan leather accents give it a classically masculine edge.

The exterior zipper of the duffle bag is made from contrasting cream-colored fabric. This color palette is continued in the interior, where polyester lining makes for easy cleanup in case of any accidents. The protection goes beyond the simple carrying of goods, thanks to multiple interior pockets and additional wall pockets. The Weekender Duffel Bag makes for a stylish gift for any man who often finds himself on the go.

Around the time of the wedding, this is exactly the sort of activity your husband will need to be gearing up for. Immediately following the wedding, in most cases, is the honeymoon.

The most popular honeymoon destinations vary widely in scope, from cozy countryside villas to bright, sun-drenched beaches. Unless you are lucky enough to be living close, these will require either air travel or a road trip worth remembering. The Weekender Duffel Bag makes for an immediately useful companion to help your partner on the road for years to come.

There is one final detail making it suitable for a wedding gift: The monogram. You can use this to personally embellish the bag, especially if your partner is changing surnames in any way. An unerring, classic style and the possibility of personalization makes this a suitable present to bolster your most important one.


Watches come in countless styles, from minimalistic formality to high-powered, high-information sports watches. The Seatrek Automatic is supported by timeless design standards but remains formerly in the latter group for the practical man.

This box set comes with both a metal bracelet and rubber strap, helping to dress it for any occasion, formal or sporty. It is also compatible with any 22mm Jack Mason strap, thanks to quick-release pins.

The watch itself is made from marine-grade 316L stainless steel. This offers superior corrosion resistance compared to other metals. It also helps to provide a dive-worthy companion, thanks to a water resistance of 300 meters. This makes it the perfect piece to introduce if your post-wedding plans involve spending time by the water.

The style of the Seatrek Automatic has received just as much attention as its ability to last. The black dial of the watch features white second markers and pearlescent hands and indices. These indices are specially marked with SuperLuminova luminosity markings, allowing them to be visible in the darkest of waters.

The caseback highlights its nature as a dive watch through a sculptural representation of a bathysphere. The watch itself is powered by a classic automatic movement for aficionados of non-quartz watches. The sum of its components and boldly-sized 42mm make it a piece genuinely worth considering for any watch lover.


Our next piece goes to the opposite end of the stylistic spectrum in this understated but never underpowered timepiece. The Ellum takes to heart the subtle stylings which make a quality dress watch.

The way the sunray dial catches the light is immediately contrasting by the reflective nature of the metallic hands and indices. A 6 o’clock sundial serves to tell seconds on the watch, keeping the primary dial pared down.

Though not a sports watch, the Ellum has the longevity-enhancing qualities of one. This includes water testing at 100 meters, considered suitable for a watch worn by swimming. The dial is protected by a sapphire crystal, the hardest crystal material save for elusive diamond.

A few other qualities appear when you closely examine the Ellum. The watch dial is, in fact, shaped like a subtle dome, with indices that curve to match. The caseback reveals our signature star embossed on an image of a globe.

All these elements come together for an understated dress watch with the power of a sports watch. The Ellum makes the perfect gift for a man whose style leans towards the minimalist.


We re-enter the world of sports watches with one of the most iconic complications of all time — the chronograph. The Pursuit Chronograph integrates a classic watch complication into one of Jack Mason’s most classic designs to powerful effect. Every aspect of this watch is chosen to provide a modern interpretation of classic pilot watch designs.

This is immediately visible in the dial, which is absolutely packed with information. Hourly indices, second markers that are numbered in five-second increments, and additional hour number markers define timekeeping capabilities.

Chronograph subdials at the 6, 9, and 12 o’clock positions eschew the most common subdial positioning for a unique appearance. This makes for the perfect location for a date window, nestled between 4 and 5 o’clock.

The Pursuit Chronograph may be one of the most powerfully practical watches we have to offer. Preparing an everlasting, everyday watch for your husband is possible through this piece.


Just because weddings are traditionally formal affairs doesn’t mean the watch you give has to be. A watch with bold language may appeal most to a man with an outsized sense of fashion. If he also takes environmental concerns to heart, then the Solar Watch may be just the watch to offer him.

The Solar Watch takes its name from the Epson VS42 movement, which is solar-powered. The movement sits just below the tri-patterned purple perforated dial, lasting months on end when fully charged.

The dial features bold hourly numbers, cyan and orange compass directions, and a date window inset. The sculptural caseback showcases the north side of a compass above peals of sunlight and a snow-capped mountain.

The Solar Watch is also made from primarily recycled materials. This includes a restored ocean-plastic watch strap and a recycled stainless steel case. In addition, a portion of sales proceeds goes to support worldwide ecological endeavors through the Jan & Oscar Foundation. This makes the Solar Watch a timepiece with a conscience.


We close our list with a boldly-sized, boldly designed watch that responds to the Golden Age of Aviation. A 45mm case size, onion-bloom crown, and functional tachymeter scale help to make this piece a true pilot’s chronograph.

A ribbed bezel further defines the silhouette of the timepiece. The Avigator features many of the durability features cited in other sport watches, but its true style is in the dial.

A stylishly oversized date window comes into play at the 12 o’clock position. Chronographs make their home at the 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock, and 9 o’clock positions. Hour indices with luminosity markings make themselves visible where there is room on the dial.

The Avigator notably comes in four different colorways. These include stark black and white dials, as well as ones combining navy with white subdials. These qualities make it easy to find a model worthy of pairing with any aesthetic.